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I'm new, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm an 18 year old straight female, and I created this journal as a place where I can explore my fetishes, fanticies, etc. So I'm joining communites that seem like places where I can do that. If any of you are interested in adding me as a friend, please do! I'd love to be able to talk to other people about fetishes and other oddities. But BEWARE! I can't spell for shit. sorry.

~Hands (not really THAT odd, but oh well). I always tell boys who I hook up with or date that their hands are beautiful. I like big hands the best... big and veiny. I like the idea of hands that could crush me or break me. I like strong hands. But I also like artist hands. I love paint or ink on hands. I also am pretty parcial to my hands... so I wear a lot of rings. I love rings on boys, too. Oh hands.... I could go on, haha.

~Rape. This is basically the only way I get off, is if I think of un-wanted sex. I'm also into big age differences. Somehow immagining myself as a 14 year old girl getting fucked by a 60 year old, powerful man is amazingly hot to me. Yumm...

~Pregnancy. I find pregnant women to be amazingly hot. I don't want a kid... I just want to be pregnant. I'd fuck all the time.

~Incest. Not that I'm interested in members of my own family, just the idea of being another person and having sex with someone in the family. As rape, preferably.


~Being blindfolded.

~Being sub.

~biting/scratching. I figure the more you hurt after sex, the better it was. Unfortunatlly, I have a wonderful boyfriend who "loves me too much to ever hurt me." *sigh*


~Roll play. I really like nurse/patient or teaccher/student. I've never had a chance to try these out though... too bad.

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of for now. Add me if you're interested!

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